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We connect communities

Our mission is to bridge the gap between user communities and brands

And we value both digital and real-life interactions where people share interests, play games, and engage together.

Our focus is on transmitting your brand culture to your community members

We provide a platform that enables brands to build, reach, and activate their community, driving engagement and loyalty and, transmit Brand Cultures.

At PiNGs, our focus is on community transformation, promoting authentic peer-to-peer engagement and fostering human inclusion.

We believe in a flywheel model leveraging Web3 technologies to enhance real-world experiences: Stronger communities more closely connected to brands.

With our gaming roots, we deeply understand and actively participate in the industry.

Community, entertainment, and gamification define our mindset and guide our mission.

We know how engaged and demanding Web3 communities are, and we know how to deal with them!

Community… Communities
At PiNGs, we believe that a community is more than just an isolated entity. It has the power to create value, but imagine the potential when multiple communities come together in one hub. By onboarding communities and providing them with their own houses, we unlock a world of opportunities and encourage cross-interactions within the hub. It’s a dynamic ecosystem where collaboration and growth thrive.

PiNGs’ Hub: The realm of Brand activations!

In the universe of activation mechanisms and data requests, we delve into the captivating aspects of Trust, Ownership, Transparency, and Value sharing.
This is the remarkable essence of the Web3 revolution!

Want to contribute to
a real community?

Take the leap and join PiNGs DAO, be active in a friendly and engaging adventure

PiNGs community is a global group of people who act online and IRL to collaboratively create value and get rewarded by having fun.

> 9 houses

> 1534 contributors

> 23.273 valuable members

Community rhythms with game

What is it about?

Quests, challenges and group entertainment

Incentives, rewards and pride

Experience points, level-up and improvement mechanisms

Passion, motivation and brand culture

We focus on the user journey

We provide a continuous and augmented experience for users, the best of the two worlds.

The hybrid experience blends physical and virtual worlds, using NFTs, tokens, gamification, and AR mobile technology to drive engagement and encourage real and virtual interactions. It creates a seamless and comprehensive user journey.

We foster brand and community culture through gamification and immersive experiences.

The power of community, gamification, and immersive experiences increase effectiveness and engagement. By integrating the 70-20-10 training model, participants can acquire new skills and knowledge through interactive challenges and activities that foster a sense of brand and community culture.

We create incentives through quests, challenges, and games.

We ensure a more compelling and rewarding experience for users, which leads to increased loyalty, advocacy, and overall business success.

This involves integrating reward systems into websites, apps, or other digital experiences, as well as using gamification strategies to encourage participation.

We enable users and fans to own assets, to shift from spectators to actors.

Owning an asset becomes more than just a transaction – it’s a paradigm shift that empowers fans to actively participate in the digital ecosystem. It creates emotional connections, empowering users to have more control over their assets and become active players in the digital content world.

Blockchain’s transparency and security also ensure asset authenticity, creating a trustworthy environment for both users and brands.

Users & Fans

want to take ownership, make a difference and have an impact.

Our services

What we do

Community flywheel growth

We help Brands in building, retaining, and expanding their communities by crafting captivating content, promoting conversations, and coordinating events.

Our data-driven strategies allow us to identify what motivates community members to foster stronger connections with brands, boost user loyalty, and drive business growth through the power of community.


We help brands understand and integrate Web3 opportunities by enabling employees to understand and engage with these, fostering a stronger community that is equipped to navigate the evolving digital landscape.

Hybrid & immersive experiences

We offer a unique and exciting way for users to engage with brands, ensuring that users are not only entertained but also feel connected and invested in the brand.

Whether it’s through gamification, hybrid events, or personalised experiences, we aim to create memorable and impactful interactions that leave a lasting impression on the Brand’s community.

Dynamic NFTs

We offer end-to-end solutions for creating and launching dynamic NFTs that incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

These NFTs can be viewed as passes or vaults, allowing users and fans to own their assets and establish an emotional connection with them.


We do it with big names

From real world flagships to immersive experiences, what we achieve with our clients is all about offering a unique customer experience.

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