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We connect communities

Our mission is to bridge the gap between organizations and communities of clients, talents and citizens

And we value direct, transparent and customized interactions based on a decentralized engagement model

We are committed to building long-term loyalty based with communities

We provide a platform that enables organizations to build, reach, and activate communities, driving engagement and loyalty

At PiNGs, we believe in the power of communities to accelerate business growth through genuine peer-to-peer engagement with customers, talent and citizens.

We believe in a flywheel model leveraging Web3 technologies to enhance real-world experiences.

With our gaming roots, we deeply understand and actively participate in the community ecosystem.

We leverage our expertise in gamification, analytics and web3 to create value from and for communities.

We know how engaged and demanding Web3 communities are, and we speak the same language!

Community… Communities

At PiNGs, we believe that a community is more than just an isolated entity. It has the power to create value, so figure the potential when multiple communities come together in one hub.

By onboarding communities and providing them with their own houses, we unlock a world of opportunities and encourage cross-interactions within the hub.

It’s a dynamic ecosystem where collaboration and growth thrive.

PiNGs’ Hub: The realm of Brand activations!

In the universe of activation mechanisms and data requests, we delve into the captivating aspects of Trust, Ownership, Transparency, and Value sharing.

This is the core of the Web3 revolution!

Community rhythms with game

What is it about?

Quests, challenges and group entertainment

Incentives, rewards and pride

Experience points, level-up and improvement mechanisms

Passion, motivation and brand culture

We focus on the user journey

We provide a continuous and augmented experience for users, the best of the two worlds.

The hybrid experience blends physical and virtual worlds, using NFTs, tokens, gamification, and AR mobile technology to drive engagement and encourage real and virtual interactions. It creates a seamless and comprehensive user journey.

We foster brand and community culture through gamification and immersive experiences.

The power of community, gamification, and immersive experiences increase effectiveness and engagement. By integrating the 70-20-10 training model, participants can acquire new skills and knowledge through interactive challenges and activities that foster a sense of brand and community culture.

We create incentives through quests, challenges, and games.

We ensure a more compelling and rewarding experience for users, which leads to increased loyalty, advocacy, and overall business success.

This involves integrating reward systems into websites, apps, or other digital experiences, as well as using gamification strategies to encourage participation.

We enable users and fans to own assets, to shift from spectators to actors.

Owning an asset becomes more than just a transaction – it’s a paradigm shift that empowers fans to actively participate in the digital ecosystem. It creates emotional connections, empowering users to have more control over their assets and become active players in the digital content world.

Blockchain’s transparency and security also ensure asset authenticity, creating a trustworthy environment for both users and brands.

Users & Fans

want to take ownership, make a difference and have an impact.

Our services

What we do

Community program

“Orange pill” is an engagement program. It identifies and nurtures passionate community members, transforming them into loyal advocates for organizations.

Key objectives include creating exclusive experiences, fostering collaboration, and encouraging financial support.

This program enhances community cohesion and organizational sustainability with the philosophy that a dedicated, smaller fan base can provide long-term support and growth.


  • Enhanced loyalty and financial backing.
  • A tightly-knit, active community.
  • Sustainable growth through true fan support.

Community platform

PiNGs Hub is a platform that offers distinct access to both clients and members.

Clients gain access to a dashboard that measures community health, autonomy, and engagement tools with customizable plans for community activation.

Members, on the other hand, enjoy access to leaderboards and quests within their communities of interest.

This platform promotes community growth, fosters engagement, and empowers clients to drive their community strategies, while members experience a gamified and interactive community experience.


  • Client-driven community strategy.
  • Enhanced member engagement through gamification.
  • Comprehensive community health monitoring.

Hybrid & immersive experiences

We offer a unique and exciting way for users to engage with brands, ensuring that they are not only entertained but also feel connected and invested in the brand.

Whether it’s through gamification, hybrid events, or personalised experiences, we aim to create memorable and impactful interactions that leave a lasting impression on the Brand’s community.

Dynamic NFTs

We offer end-to-end solutions to create and launch dynamic NFTs that incorporate cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

These NFTs can be considered as passes or vaults, allowing users and fans to own their assets and establish an emotional connection with them.


We do it with great names

Let your community embrace the sense of belonging.

Are you a community leader?

Discover how PiNGs can help your organisation to bridge the gap between your community and your brand.
Connect your community to the PiNGs HUB and open up numerous opportunities in terms of visibility, missions, and earnings.

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