Transform your Passive Audiences into Engaged Communities

Build authentic connections, engage through gamified interactions, and gain valuable data insights with the PiNGs Platform

About PiNGs Platform

PiNGs Platform is a cutting-edge SaaS solution designed to maximize return on marketing investments by transforming passive audiences into engaged communities through authentic connections, gamified interactions, and valuable data insights.

Community Engagement

Community engagement through gamified experiences, quests, and adventures, deepening connections between brands and their audiences

AI-Driven Insights

Leverages on AI to get valuable insights and trends, helping you to better understand, manage and segment your audiences, and personalize engagement strategies

Value for Both Brands and Users

Access a back-office to create, monitor, and analyze gamified experiences, manage customer relationships, and gain insights. Users get an app to interact with brands, access gamified content, build profiles, and earn rewards

How it works?

Our Unique Approach

Platform utilizes a Peer-to-Peer Engagement Model to drive community engagement



Engage users with gamified experiences and user-generated content



Track engagement metrics and analytics dashboards



Boost sales, brand influence, and community growth

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